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Awesome works go here! I just love seeing good stuff!

No need to thank me if I added one of your works to my Favourites. You're already welcome.


Happy New Year! Have a low quality doodle of my four most active OCs! (Wrath and Glacean are questionable but whatever)

Yes, the guy on the right is drunk. Long story.

Filename by Legendathecity
A pair of original characters playing together. They're the best of friends. Really.

Filename by Legendathecity
To tide you over again, please have a Libera sketch.

Filename by Legendathecity
Hey all! Just posting this to say I'm not dead!

Filename by Legendathecity


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Wrath Draconian
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Totally important statuses if you want something from me.

Requests: NO.
Art Trades: Maybe.
Point Commissions: See below in the Commissions Widget.
Commissions: Ask.

This is mostly free-range other than one simple rule: If you're drawing the characters, please keep it clean. Do not give me any attempt at fanservice either, or else I'll modify it for you with or without permission.

Copyright stuff. This is serious business, and if you try anything dodgy, I WILL find you, and I'll give you a nice talk-down.


1. There are indeed idiots who have done some of the "don'ts" in these rules, and you know that rules come about because it is found that they are required. Whine against these rules, and how controlling they are, that's your problem, not mine. You'll only be providing me with free entertainment. They are here for my own citation.


1. Please inform me if you wish to include me or any of my characters in a story or project. I will gladly work with you to give you all the important things you need to know about them.

2. Anyone is allowed to draw my characters. No permissions needed, just show it to me when you're done. It is recommended to ask for my permission if you're going to draw them in a non family friendly context, though, because I do not appreciate unsolicited defacing of my creations.

3. My characters belong to me, do not claim that they are yours. And before you call them out for having the same name as an official character/someone else's character, for the official character part, either it is A. a common name ("Bob the bat" is my own creation, for example, and has nothing to do with whoever else is named Bob), or I am completely unaware ("Wrath Draconian" shares his first name with the Homunculus of the same name in FMA, surprisingly enough.), or it completely slipped my mind at the point of naming ("Summoner Ralis" shares his name with a Zora in TLoZ: Twilight Princess, much to my dismay), or it is a deliberate reference ("Obsidia" being named after the fact that she's based on obsidian). I cannot emphasize this enough, I have seen enough morons calling me a plagiarist over these.

4. Any character I draw in my art are not to be compared with whatever species or characters in other media unless there is a deliberate reference being made. Example: Calling any dragon I draw a Spyro rip-off. Come on, guys, "Glacean" was supposed to be very loosely based off a draconic Neopets species, but he then evolved into whatever dog-dragon he is now. However, "Summoner Ralis", after remembering that a character shares his name, has design elements to reference it, such as his tied sidetails and parts of his armor's design. He is also heavily based off other Brave Frontier characters due to him being a fan-character of that universe.


1. Downloads of my fan artwork are allowed for personal use, such as your own desktop/mobile wallpapers, you may tell me if you use them as such, but it is not needed.

2. Using them for public non-profit purposes is okay, but please inform me and state somewhere, anywhere on your respective profile page of that site, where you got it from. Even something as simple as "Legendathecity on DeviantArt" is good enough by my standards. Keep in mind that I am particularly lenient on this, and it shall not apply to any other artist.

3. Do not re-post my artwork and claim it as your own or attempt to make money off it.

4. Commissioned artwork/i> are free to use only for the person who commissioned them as profile pictures, wallpapers, and whatnot. They are free for personal use, no strings attached except for making money off it.
If you, by chance, see this after looking at an old artwork of mine and adding it to your favourites, I'm so sorry you had to look at it and think that it's good, and not check out my newer stuff. If you're a Watcher, carry on with whatever you're doing, this isn't addressing you.

I don't know about you guys, but I've been extremely tempted to delete most of my works time and again on this account, but I leave them up for my own embarrassment since, well, I can't possibly lose all my 1 minutes of fame I got on them, right? Still, I have regrets sometimes, especially if you actually faved stuff from my Scraps, of all places. I mean, sure, it's fine to look in there, but it's pretty awkward telling me that one of my failures is good, ya know? Okay, okay, I'm by no means the worst artist ever, but still... Yeah. Weird.

Nothing too serious to bring across here, but it is pretty weird that within a week, a lot of my stuff from about two years ago can get a few favourites, albeit very sporadically. Still, three times within a week... That alone is very, very suspicious to me. 

Ah, who am I kidding, most of these people are fave-and-runners. I check almost every single person's profile if they add my stuff to their favourites, but if they go for something older than two years or hit a fandom I don't look at anymore (Hat Films fandom, looking at you. I'm gone, unsubscribed. I ditched Minecraft already.), I simply cannot be bothered to look anymore because, really, I leave fandoms for a reason.

That being said, I'm probably going to end up saying the same thing about the current fandom I'm in... Oh well, obsessions.

And that's all for now. You may go.
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  • Playing: Brave Frontier

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Simple full body sketch of 1 character
A Frozen Queen by Legendathecity
A Frosty Guardian by Legendathecity
Kenosha by Legendathecity
Chibi Kenosha by Legendathecity
Simple sketch of any character you want. Most types of characters are welcome, if their design is skimpy, I will fix it with or without permission. It'll be a full-body sketch because I'm generous. It even comes with a free slightly colored background as shown in the examples. Rules are extremely loose, you'd have to ask me first. Keep the sketch request SFW.

Finishing effects generally look like the shown examples. The effects and stuff come for free, the price is for the sketch itself.

Special note: If it's a Brave Frontier character, their detail level will be capped at 4-Star Unit. Units whose base form is 5-Stars will be simplified. 

I'll be providing a chibi option if you want to give only 125 points. It won't have as much of a polished finishing as a full body sketch.

Examples shown: The first two are the basics of this type of commission. The third from the left is what happens if you were to pay me more than the given price, where I will add shading and lighting effects to express my gratitude. The fourth one is the chibi option, meant to be considerably simpler than the standard. Good for those who want a discount.

Please do not pay via this widget. Send me a note if interested and for further instructions.


Legendathecity has started a donation pool!
0 / 3,000
For the sake of getting them point commissions, I'd like to have some points of my own, but I have a negligible amount at the moment. So yeah, throw some points at me if you want.

If you give me 250 points or more, you're guaranteed to get a sketch in return. Maybe better, if I get a good amount of points.

Thanks in advance.

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